Take relationship-building to the next level and embark on a series of tailored-made “Test The Water (TTW) roadshows”.

We recognize that if you take a closer look to the US ecosystem, there are dozens of entities that present a unique opportunity for you to collaborate or partner.

We help you discover the value nestled in these potential players by embarking on our home-made designed roadshows.


TTW Connectors Tours are thematic roadshows scheduled all over the US and designed to educate your potential partners about your company’s business, strategy, and basic financial profile.

In return for educating potential partners or investors, your company receives initial feedback about your investment or partnership attractiveness having an initial understanding of how the company is perceived is of tremendous value for your company and opens way to new opportunities.

The education of the investment community or any other potential partner and the feedback loop the TTW Connectors Tours process provides can be instrumental in helping to recalibrate your value proposal.

TTW Connectors Tours will teach you best practices in how to gain the attention of investors.

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Five thematic TTW Connectors Tours have been designed in the following domains.

TTW Financing Tour
  • Mapping-out roadmap to financing deals.
  • Scheduled meetings with the US investment community : venture capital firms, investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms.
TTW Academics Tour
  • Mapping-out roadmap to research university partnerships.
  • Scheduled meetings with academic centers and key opinion leaders from your therapeutic space.
TTW Accelerator Tour
  • Mapping-out roadmap to Big Pharmas deals.
  • Scheduled meetings with Big Pharmas : joint ventures, commercialization agreements, copromotion agreements, R&D agreements, etc.
TTW Innovation Tour
  • Mapping-out roadmap to Biotech Incubators and AI Research Labs.
  • Scheduled meetings with Biotechs hubs and accelerators from Silicon Valley to the Boston ecosystem and more...
TTW Regulatory Tour
  • Mapping-out roadmap to Regulatory compliance.
  • Scheduled meetings with FDA consultants and former FDA reviewer and inspector intimately familiar with the approval process from start to finish.

How does it work ?

We help you chart your own trajectory. Every itinerary is crafted from scratch, based around exactly what’s matter to you and what makes you more desirable – aligned with your corporate priorities.

By digging deeper to acknowledge each stakeholder’s goals and objectives, you will uncover new opportunities to align priorities and collaborate. At Edge & Walker, we take care of all aspects of your travel tour – from the design of a corporate itinerary, to comprehensive assistance during your stay.

Maximizing time money and energy is where our values lie – all the while introducing you to new connections. Engaging unusual and anything but ordinary : The hallmarks of a TTW Connectors Tours.