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Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, USA

Eric-Jean Desbois

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Eric-Jean brings to the team over 30 years of extensive experience in both biotech and pharmaceutical industries, spanning areas of corporate strategy, company building, scientific & IP program strategy, finance, market access and operations.

As the ‘gateway’ and moderator of the many Edge & Walker networks, Eric-Jean drives the overall mission and coordination of the multi-specialty boards and advisors made of renowned experts from the financial and life sciences innovators community.

Eric-Jean followed an international career that brought him to work and live both in the EU and in the US, where he had the opportunity to build-up strong relationships and a deep network with key members of the biotech industry, as well as prestigious university research centers.

Moreover, Eric-Jean has been a lifelong entrepreneur where he was involved in the creation of a number of companies, with the most recent one being NLS Pharmaceutics, which he co-founded in 2015 and subsequently went public on the Nasdaq (“NLSP”) in 2021.

He attributes his success to his ability to connect with internal and external stakeholders and build strong, trusting relationships at all levels, along with his rare mix of combining strategic thinking with a get-it-done approach.

Eric-Jean is a thought partner who pushes innovative thinking and brings an outlook of positivity and optimism. He strives to bring an external perspective and insight to support longer term strategic planning.

Eric-Jean received academic training in both Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Marketing from Faculté des Sciences – Aix-Marseille Université and ESCP, Paris.

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“So, the only benefit of having experience is you can see around the corner sooner than you used to. And you understand human beings better than you used to. But you need to do all of those things well, to succeed no matter what age you are or how much experience you have.”
— Pearl Huang, CEO of Dunad Therapeutics