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What is your probability of success in the US ?

Edge & Walker will ensure your story is the best representation of your company and puts you in the best position to raise capital.

The Edge & Walker experienced team will enable you to easily, quickly and exhaustively scout relevant potential partners to accelerate your trajectory.

We provide unlimited venture development, and access to a unique network of experts, influencers, investors and innovators in the four following domains :

We create connections with the US financial community.


Finding funding (equity, debt, and/or other vehicles) for a Biotech is challenging and time-consuming. The funding climate can be thought of in terms of how desirable Biotech companies are seen to be in terms of investability.

  • Is your therapeutic space potentially investable ?
  • What it’s worth if it works ?
  • How desirable is your therapeutic space ?
  • How is your offering different ?
  • Why is it the best in the world ?

We help you optimally create your ‘corporate narrative’ to be more ‘desirable’ by emphasizing the quality of your management, your vision and also the R&D you perform. Gaining investors trust, and keeping it to thrive.

We create connections with potential strategic partners.

Strategic Partnerships

Finding Big Pharma companies is not difficult, but finding the right person within the company and writing the right message to initiate partnership talks can be more challenging.

Edge & Walker organizes “partnering sessions” and sets up meetings between Biotechs and business development representatives.

Edge & Walker facilitates connections between emerging entrepreneurs and established biopharmaceutical companies through partnering initiatives thus accelerating startups to raise revenue.

We create connections with those who have been there before.


Earning FDA approval for your drug is a journey.

The life sciences industry operates in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. A misstep at any point of that journey could jeopardize your chance at getting your drug approved.

Regulatory compliance is an enabling aspect of the highly regulated life science industry. Setting up a reliable roadmap that will get you where you want to go has become a crucial factor for success.

The fundamentals —increasing regulatory clarity and commercial viability for innovative therapies addressing unmet needs—have not changed.

We help you go back to fundamentals.

Discover surprising and unseen opportunities.


Partner with a research university.

You may also find funding by partnering with a research university that has a biotechnology program. Several biotech companies found success this way, and it also benefits the university. If you’re not quite ready to partner on a big pharma scale, consider working with a university that has a biotech startup incubator.

Through our unique network, Edge & Walker creates unique opportunities for meaningful connections with key opinion leaders on a diverse set of topics including academic-industry collaborations.

Strategic partnerships